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About Citrini N. Devi, PhD, E-RYT(500), C-IAYT, CCTP-II, RCYT, RPYT

Citrinī (pronounced Chi-tree-nee) is a registered yoga instructor, certified in Basics through Level 3 TriYoga Flows and Prāṇa Vidyā (breathing, concentration and meditation practices), a licensed psychologist and a Master Usui Reiki practitioner. She is the director of TriYoga hOMe Philadelphia at Mind-Body Services. TriYoga is a form of yoga that is deeply energy- and breath-based, inspired by the spontaneous flow of Universal Energy. Citrinī uses the full spectrum of yoga practices including breathwork (prāṇāyāma), visualization, concentration practices (dhāraṇa), sound vibration, mantra and meditation (dhyāna) to allow healing and transformation to occur as the energy flows more freely and calmly. She is drawn to TriYoga because of the meditative qualities of the Flows and deeply loves helping others uncover their connection to the Universal. For over 30 years (including during a 3-month intensive in a Buddhist monastic setting in India), Citrinī has studied and practiced yogic-based and Buddhist meditation, including vipassanā, Zen, Tibetan and mindfulness meditation. She has taught yoga to children for over 20 years. She has strong interests in the connections between mind-body-spirit, in the promotion of well-being, in stress-related concerns and in alternative and complementary approaches to healing.
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